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A New Cookbook and Dumpling, Take Two!

I love dumplings. I do, no really, I do. I make them at work, I make them at home. I cannot get enough of them. To prove it, here goes:

Got em all hooked up man, and this will last, what? 3 meals?

Got em all hooked up man, and this will last, what? 3 meals?

Line em up baby!

Line em up baby!

Bon. Looks like I had my work cut out for me, no? The good news about that is that I am actually pretty good at the dumplings now. I am not a god that can pull those little bastards off in 3 seconds like a freaky Chinese chef, but I can give them a run for the money. I have decided that Monday, Tuesday are dumpling/wonton days. I am so sick of hearing about the little bastards that I have dedicated 2 days to the production of them.

The plan is to have the walk-in freezer stuffed so when someone opens it up, they will get hit in the head with dumplings. Part of my massive take-over-the-world plan, see.

The only thing now is I have hefty competition from an A+ dishwasher that likes to take a break from the monotony of dishes to bang out the dumplings. This guy is cool as a cucumber. I show him one or two, and the next thing I turn around, the guy has a full tray of them. And they were all very good as well. Hence the homework. Hey, the wife does not mind.

The Asian Kitchen by Lilian Wu

Now, onto other things. Chef lent me a book tonight, and in my first perusal of it, it is an awesome book on ~ wait for it… Asian cuisine. There is a lot going on with this book. One of the awesome parts is where you look at the recipe, and it also has small pictures of the mise-en-place for you. That is a small thing, but also a great thing when you are checking to see if you have everything. Another great point is the recipes are in metric and imperial. Nothing drives me battier than trying to scale a recipe that has tablespoons for their items.

“Uhh… need this recipe for 70 people, this one is written for 4. Okay, I can do this. Really. So, that’s 35 pounds of pork, 35 tablespoons of flour. Hey! WTF? 35 spoons? Ahh… okay, there is like, 16 in a cup right? So that’s 35 divided by 16 which is… *rushes to get a calculator* 2.1875 cups. Dang! That is… *punches numbers into the calculator* 546.875 mL. Sheeeat! Why couldn’t we just write 550 mL? Next is 3 tbsp? What? Ohhh no!!!!”

Sad but true. I have worked in places where it was like that. Nothing more frustrating. I understand that my mother likes them measuring cups, but I am not all that crazy for them.

Moving right along. Some great recipes:

  • pg 36. Spiced Salted Spareribs. Four words for you. OMFG! These are awesome.
  • pg 192. Pork Dumplings. A great dumpling recipe.
  • pg 224. Sweet-sour Duck with Mango. Ahh…. heaven

Hey, don’t take my word for it. Try and find it. It may be out of print, but a good used bookstore may have it. This is one book you will want to have on your shelf, that is for sure.

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