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Ask the Chef! Episode 21

Bento #254: Low-carb, high-fat breakfast!

Terri writes:

Hi Jason. I happened onto your blog as a result of my ongoing research into the Paleo diet. I am a T2D on 115 units of insuling morning and night. I am about 50lbs overweight, suffer from severe diabetic neuropathy requiring morophine and hydrocodone in order to function a normal work day, P.A.D., and hypertension. The hypertension is under control with medication as well. My BG is running tight between 80-100 for the past year and now I am looking to the Paleo diet to hopefully lose the lbs, reduce the insulin intake, and hoepfully get off the pain medications. My main concern is I fight daily to prevent too low of sugars (and there is nothing worse than that feeling when your BG is too low) and I worry that the Paleo diet might exacerbate that problem. I have googled everything I can about T2D and Paleo diet without much success on people’s experience. Do you have any resources that you can direct me to? I am open to all recommendations. Thanks.

Wow. Straight up? I am NOT a doctor, or an endocrinologist. I am someone who is passionate about doing the right thing, eating right to fix your problems.

That said, there are plenty of resources out there that claim to help the insulin resistance via diet – be it Paleo, Primal, or just low carb. The main problem that I run into is that there is nothing out there that shows a T1D controlling their blood sugar with the lifestyle and NOT running into problems.

Harder still, there are few Endocrinologists out there that will help out with the low carb approach, much less a paleo approach. I don’t blame them; they are following clinical procedure and practices set out from a dietary approach that approaches nutrition from the “cover what you eat” paradigm.

That said, there are resources out there that show anedoctally that you can control your sugars with Paleo, Primal, or low carb. The problem is they are more geared towards prediabetic or T2 patients who are not on insulin. (The risks of hypoglycemia are not a major factor then.)

Treat the advice from the list of links below with a grain of salt:

Robb Wolf Paleo Solution

Marks Daily Apple


Diabetes Warrior

The only approach I know of that can be used AND is backed up by an endocrinologist who is ALSO a T1D is Dr Richard Bernstein. His approach is a very low carb (less than 30 grams a day) that can be adapted to the paleo lifestyle. In the excellent book “The Diabetes Solution,” there are numerous methods to adapting the low carb lifestyle and insulin needs. In my opinion, EVERY diabetic should have this book like the bible. Even if you don’t follow the guidelines, the information inside is priceless. (The link to the book title goes to my Amazon store – and I would maybe get a coffee if you bought it from there.)

Good luck with your journey Terri, and I hope that you find the answers you need.

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