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Ask The Chef! Episode 28: Sauces for Simmering Beef, Standardization of Recipes


Galbi ( Korean Beef Ribs)

Keith Hache asks:

Do you have some recipe starters for making a simmering sauce for meat? I have been making pulled pork and am making a slow-cooked shredded beef. Once I slow cook it and shred it, I like to toss it in with some simmering sauce. Usually this is just BBQ sauce with some soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce for acidity. I’d like to do it homemade style and I don’t mind taking my time to make it.
I’d like to make one a little sweeter and one with a bit more spice.

So, here is where I go with this stuff – you do this in the crock-pot, right?
Most BBQ sauces are based with ketchup (sometimes even mustard,) a vinegar, sugar, and seasoning. Especially important is ginger and garlic. (preferably fresh.) my go-to sauce is 1 part ketchup to 1/2 part vinegar, 1/2 part molasses, then lots of ginger, Worcestershire, soy sauce, chipotle Tabasco, oregano, cinnamon, allspice, Szechwan peppercorns and sea salt.
Another one to try is an Asian style. So, beef broth, soy sauce, sake, ginger, sesame oil, green onions, Asian pears, and then finally some Sambal Oelek (or even rooster sauce in a pinch.) Marinate your beef in that, then cook them slowly in the marinade – it’ll make a sauce that’s orgasmic.

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DINESH wrote:

What is meant by standardisation of recipes?

Good question Dinesh. A while back I wrote a post on recipe standardization. You can find it here. The cliff notes version is – a recipe becomes standardized when it is written in a way that it can be executed exactly the same way using the written list of ingredients, and the steps to create the recipe.

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