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Culinary Toolbox: Two More Scales I Think Are Great

I am gearing up to go camping this weekend with friends and family. There looks to be a lot of fun happening out there. It’s a nice break from the kitchen.  I was looking through my latest posts for some inspiration and hit on a boneheaded thing I did.

I recently did a review on a scale from Eat Smart Pro Digital Scale . If you don’t like that scale, here are a few more that I have seen in use (or have used) in the past:

List Price: $89.99 USD
New From: $19.95 USD In Stock
Used from: $18.95 USD In Stock

List Price: $99.99 USD
New From: $21.18 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

I hope that gives you a better choice.

Your Turn

What is your favorite thing to cook over the campfire? Let me know in the comments.

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  • John Paré

    An issue i sometimes have when weight items in larger bowls is being able to view the display of the scale. It would be nice to have a scale the has a backside/high mounted display. Or even a display that is remote from the balance itself.

  • http://welldonechef.com Jason Sandeman

    I hear you there John! I have that problem in a professional kitchen too. That’s why I love having plastic inserts to weigh everything in.