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FTW: You Tell Me!

Choices, Choices

I love it when you tell me what to do! No really, it’s not like that. I’d like to introduce you to the interactive part of WDC.


No – that doesn’t stand for what you think. It stands for

Food of The Week

We will start off with a poll, and by the results, I will research and tell you about the food item that wins. Each week will have a different poll. I originally thought it would be all about produce, but then I realized that there is more to life than just fruits and vegetables.

How do you choose an item? What do you need to look for? What random tidbits of history do you want to impress your hipster friends with? That’s where I come in.

Vote for next week’s Food of the Week (FTW)

Results close next Thursday, January 10th at midnight.

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