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Garden Update July 12, 2009

Dude! Where's My Beans?

Dude! Where's My Beans?

Hello all! Just a quick update to let you all know what is going on with the garden this week!

Tomatoes are just killin it! They are seriously shooting out everywhere, and it is all I can do to get the suckers off of it on time. Seriously, the SWC are a godsend here.

Strawberries: The old hanger plant is shooting out a lot of runners. I am considering fencing that bad boy in. The potted plant has formed a few strawberries, and I now have close to a pint! Joy!

Peppers: The peppers are getting bigger daily. I wonder how they would have done in a SWC? More on that later!

Cucumbers: Joy! Two of the plants have FINALLY taken. Now I am going to have to start think trellis, because I have 6 blossoms.

Beans: Dude, where’s my beans? I guess they just did not like me. SWCs all the way next year!

Thyme: Well, it is growing like, a weed. I have it in its own planter, so I am not worried it will overtake. I am considering planting it in the front to take over the nonexistant grass though!

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