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Garden Update Week 5: Hurry Up and Wait!


I know, it seems early that we are all into this gardening stuff, as we can’t even plant most stuff up here until after May 4th. What are we to do then, with February almost to a close? The answer is, wait. And drool over stuff. We have a great tool to discover exactly what we need, and that’s the handy planting guide from the Garden Planner at Mother Earth News Magazine. At the time of this writing, I couldn’t print the plan out without the application crashing – so I did the next best thing – I grabbed screen shots and stitched them together. Let’s see what it spit up for us, shall we?


Now, that’s a handy list! In the past, I just sort of went to the nursery, and bought whole stock loads of plants, without any sort of plan. It usually happened around the end of May, or closer to the beginning of June. We are talking about $200 in plants, and usually only what caught my eye at the time.

How is this list going to help us? First, it gives a good sense of what we need to be doing right now. February is a dead month. Here is what needs to be started indoors, or under cover:

Chives, Echinacea, Onions, Green Onions

The chives and Echinacea are already in the ground or in a pot, so that is taken care of. Green onions are nicely sprouting on the bay window:


How does one do that? It’s real straight forward: next time you buy green onions, cut the tops off them and leave the whites, (and roots) in a glass jar with clean, tepid water. You have to change the water ever couple of days, and rinse off the roots. What will happen is the roots will flourish, and the tops will pop up constantly. I have cut this back twice in two weeks. Not bad when they are 2 bunches for 0.99$!

So, that leaves us with the other fun part, an excursion to the local store to buy some seeds and a starting kit. I love how the store has all sorts of cool packets for their seeds. I am interested in the heirloom brands, and my son likes the cartooney packages below them. I say – whatever gets my son in the garden is a good thing!



Next week, we will look at the actual planting of our onions, chamomile, peppers, sage, and tomatoes. I plan to do this as a project with the little one, so it should be fun. Stay tuned!

Your Turn!

Tomatoes were the winner of last week’s poll. Now to get more specific. I have 8 spots available for tomatoes – tell me what kind you would like me to grow by answering the poll below. (Or, to the side when I get it into there.)

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