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Internet Tasting Session December 13, 2009

image courtesy of dps of Flickr under Creative Commons by Attribution 2.0

image courtesy of dps of Flickr under Creative Commons by Attribution 2.0

Here we are, close to Christmas, and our houses are filled with the scents of holiday cooking. Forget about it, Winter is finally closing in, and there is nothing to do but settle in, visit friends, eat, drink, and be merry. Follow me as we sample some of the fare going around.

I did not post my links last week, so that is why this list is huge. I want you all to know that I have been watching your posts, and salivating. All you out in WDC land need to see these money posts! –The Well Done Chef


Rosemary Gin Fizz by Sassy Radish – How can I not love this drink? Rosemary happens to be my favorite herb. In fact, Gin is one of my favorite drinks, and so is club soda. Quick what’s that? <Downs drink while you are not looking>

Red Snapper Shooter by Sippity Sup – Love it. Need I say more? <hick!>

The Red Eye Monster by Savory Reviews – Love this shot! We used to have those daredevil shots when I was a bar hopping lad myself! Prairie Fire anyone?


Rustic Rolls by Macheesmo – Okay, here’s the thing: no knead bread is everywhere. Why? Because it is freaking amazing! Nick shows mastery over this trend with these freaking awesome rolls. Nick, curse you, but I need about another 12 hours in my 24 hour day to make everything you do. Blast you! (Keep it up man!)

Cranberry Bread with White Chocolate and Ginger by The Salty Cod – Serve this quick bread at the table for your guests that you are entertaining, and you will be the talk of the party. They will want to know where you got this money cake. You could tell them, or not. Either way, The Salty Cod has hit it out of the park here.

Date Nut Spice Bread by Brown Eyed Baker – This bread should be your go-to staple for entertaining. It is versatile enough to serve with whatever you have on the go. I personally like a hard sauce, but that is just the way us cooks roll.

Main Dish

Ham Steaks with Hazelnut Sauce By The Bitten Word – The dish may have not been for the boys, but it did transport me back to a time when my own grandmother used to make something like this. Christmas is about family, and nostalgia. Thank the boys for this one. Try it, and you will experience what holidays were like back in my time!

Plantain Chili by The Food In my Beard – Make the cold disappear with this lovely chili. There is not a recipe per se, but the technique for the chili is golden. That is what counts. Extra money for this dish for the sweet, spicy and savory flavors that meld for gooey *(That is a word!) goodness of this dish!

Pasta and Rice

Chili Cheese Rice by Savory Reviews – This fare is simple, but satisfying as well. When you just do not have the time to go all gourmet, simplify your life and go for the comfort zone. That is what winter is all about, right? The warming chili flavors with the goodness of the melted cheese mixing together with the rice makes you forget that cold blasting air outside.

Pasta with Scallop Sauce, Olive Oil, Garlic, Hot Pepper by Spinach Tiger – Make this dish. That’s an order! Forget winter, and start cooking Italian. Did you say there was another cuisine? Angela shows her stuff with this pasta. I had to go and make it for my nightly meal after reading her post.

Ravioli with Walnut Truffle Cream Sauce by We Are Never Full – I believe this is one of the first times I have featured a recipe from WANF site, and the first one is a doozy! How sick is a dish tht features all things good and great about truffles? If you can get your hands on some of this expensive ingredient, try the dish at that post. If you have a significant other you would like to woo, watch it with that dish, you might end up in marriage!


Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (Homemade Oreos) by Brown Eyed Baker – Do I have to tell you why these are so cool? Anything they can sell you as convenience, you can do better. Give these cookies as a gift, and they will be the bomb!

Fig Tart with Vanilla Scented Frangipane by The Purple Foodie – This is the first time that Shaheen has worked with figs. Talk about a touchdown! The picture is gorgeous, and the recipe itself is money! Put that tart in front of me, and I will unabashedly ask for seconds!

Marshmallows by Ezra Pound Cake – Everyone should make these little treasures. They are a bit tricky, but with Ezra’s tutorial, they become easier. From that start point, you can take your creation to the furthest lengths of your imagination. That is a very good thing.

Nut Crescents by Brown Eyed Baker – My wife’s Grandmother used to make these every Christmas until she reached the golden age of 91. Fortunately, you can find the recipe at Michelle’s site. If you make them, make a triple batch, because trust me, they will not last long.

Spiced Wine Poached Persimmon by Bouchon for Two – This is a lovely dish, highlighting a perfect multiple course dinner for your guests. Scratch that, the dish is all about using what is in season, and using your skill to ramp it up to rockstar status! I would be amazed if served this dish, so check it out!

Toffee-bacon scones by Vanilla Kitchen – To Vanilla Kitchen: Good god! There is bacon flavor mixed with sweet salty flavor of toffee. I am supposed to be maintaining weight this Christmas season. Take those scones away from my site, and we both win. I won’t eat them all, and you will have some to share with your friends. Well… could I have, just one? Puuhhlease???


Deep Dish Pizza with Ricotta and Olives by Macheesmo – Yes, Nick gets his own category! Nick has again shown his mastery over the stove. He comes to us with this money pizza. He even understands the philosophy that less is more when it comes to pizza. Nick says that he is just getting comfortable in the kitchen. Indeed, he is!

Side Dishes

Mushrooms with Bacon and Sage by The Purple Foodie – Okay, you twisted my rubber arm. I will have to have these as a side dish to almost anything. Imagine what these little babies would be like beside the roast turkey for Christmas. Better yet, imagine what they would be like on their own. Mushrooms with bacon are golden. Hmm… maybe I will skip the turkey and just a bowl of those?

Roasted Brussels Spouts with Bacon and Apples by The Bitten Word – If you prepare your brussel sprouts this way, I can almost guarantee that your guest will mop up the serving dish with their bread. Brussels sprouts are the scorned vegetable, which is too bad, but prepared this way, well – money!


A Spiced Chickpea Stew with Feta Toasts by Sippity Sup – One could call this a “stoup”. Whatever you choose to call it, the guys have come up with a winner. Delish!

Chicken Tortilla Soup by Good Life {Eats} – When you come in after having shoveled a mountain of snow, you are pissed off at the plough drivers for depositing even more snow on your misery. Take up a bowl of this hearty soup. The high notes of the lime and coriander coupled with the tart tomatoes and the crunch of the crispy tortillas will remind you of summer. You will still be pissed at the snowplow guy, but you will have a full, satisfied belly!

Thai-Spiced Tomato Soup by Sassy Radish – This soup will take the heat off, and zip up an otherwise boring offering of tomato soup. You have to change it up from time to time, and this soup is perfect for that.

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  • sippitysup December 14, 2009, 11:09 am

    I love these list and appreciate whenever I am included! But beyond that it’s such a great shortcut to the best of the food web. GREG

  • jasonsandeman December 14, 2009, 12:29 pm

    @GREG – Thank you! If you continue to create great food, you will always have a spot on this list!

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