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Internet Tasting Session Friday June 25th 2010

a photo of tasting tools

Sometimes tasting is hard work!

Holiday is over, now it is time to get back into it.

Here are a few things of interest that I read over the last week, and I think you need to see them. Awesome indeed:

Michael Ruhlman did a post on Salumi in North America. I love the man, and what he represents. I look up to Michael, and aspire to be the kind of writer he is. He walks the talk!

If you are looking for an ice cream to blow your socks off, try Cannelle et Vanille’s Butterscotch and Smoked Almond Ice Cream. I might not be able to eat it, but just the thought of it makes me salivate. Perhaps a version that is diabetic friendly could be arranged.

Nick from Macheesmo does it again. Make his Green Chicken Curry, and you will be in heaven. The antioxidant properties of the green curry are well worth the trouble. Served over cauliflower “rice”, this dish is even Primal!

Swordfish Souvlaki? Where do I sign up? Head over to Kalafogas to find out.

Greg over at Sippity Sup has a Sweet Corn Chowder with Lobster and Chive Oil cooking. Go over there and get it while you still can, because I am sure there is going to be none left if you wait too long!

Finally, my favorite Asian site Rasa Malaysia has an awesome Malaysian BBQ Seafood you got to try out!

Photo courtesy of Yoppy from Flickr under Creative Commons By Attribution 2.0

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