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Introducing: Kitchen Tips


Over the last week, I have been introducing you to the new parts of this site over the last week. In this final introduction, we will get to the meat of this site:

Kitchen Tips.

The idea is that you already have some basics in the kitchen. You can boil, chop, roast something, and it turns out good enough to warrant comments that drive you to learn more of cooking. These tips could be a small change in the way you do something to make your life easier, to a breakdown of a complex kitchen task into easy, understandable parts.

Honestly, there is nothing in a kitchen that is hard to do. Why do you think I’m so fat? I’m obviously not breaking my back that hard. Cooking can be hard, but the techniques are straight-forward to learn.

People look at my experience and assume that it’s different for me because I was professionally trained. Somehow it must be different because it is a restaurant or a hotel kitchen, right? They forget that only 15 years ago, I wasn’t a chef. I didn’t know the techniques that I know now. Someone had to teach me.

The only difference between a restaurant kitchen and a home kitchen is the scale of service. The techniques are the same!

With enough tips and techniques you’ll be able to wow and dazzle your family and guests with your cooking. It won’t be about recipes anymore – except everyone will be looking for yours.


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