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Kitchen 101: Links for Campfire Cooking

This weekend I am going camping.

There is nothing like cooking on an open fire. Unfortunately, chefs are under pressure to perform. No steam kettles, convection ovens, timers, fryers.

cooking on a fire

A chef has to be able to cook anywhere. (Just ask Keith Famie, the chef who mucked up rice in the Survivor Australian Outback.) Otherwise he or she will be voted from the campfire.

Fear not dear readers, here are a few Kitchen 101 links to help you with some of the cooking in your campout:

Your Turn:

What do you like to cook over the campfire? Let me know in comments below.

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  • John Paré

    That will come in handy for this weekend!!!

  • Mathew Warren

    This is a great post chef! To bad I didn’t read it a week ago. I just got back from Whistlers campground in Jasper!! I wish I had brought my French press! :) thanks

  • http://welldonechef.com Jason Sandeman

    Sure will!

  • http://welldonechef.com Jason Sandeman

    There is nothing like a bodum first thing in the morning. I am glad that I could help!