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My Goals for 2012 – Cleanup, Recipes, Gardening, Rants, and You

A photo of my kitchen Laptop Blogging setup

My Goals for 2012

2012 is now old news, so I thought I would share a few goals I have for this year regarding this site. Why did I wait so long? To tell you the truth – it’s all about procrastination.

Sure, everyone else has their goals completely set Jan 1st. Good for them. I had them sort-of-set. That counts for something, right?

I recently diagnosed myself with GOYA deficiency. What’s that? Get-Off-Your-Ass Deficiency. How does that affect me? Well, nothing gets done until you get off your ass – ain’t that the truth?

A photo of my kitchen Laptop Blogging setup

Hard at Work in my "Office"


Site Cleanup

In the meantime, I see the site has  fallen into disrepair. I will need to fix that toute de suite.

I need to redesign the site, get myself a respectable logo, and clean up the side there. That should take a few weeks. It’s on that ever-growing to-do list beside “Tile the bathroom,” “Fix the grout on floors,” “Finish painting,” – you get the idea.


I am going to be taking the time to go through the 550 posts here to catalog what I have for recipes. The reasoning for this is that over the years, I have changed my style, and thoughts on food. There are some recipes here that don’t reflect my current philosophy on food.

I haven’t posted a recipe here in a while – part of that is because I am not sure what you all want to see. So, what do you want to see?

I will be updating some old WDC classics – and introducing some new ones. I’m looking to try for 3 a week.

How do you all want the recipes formatted? I used to believe a scale was the only way – but have come to see the light.

Would you rather see standard measurements?


Part of the “Real Food For Your Life” Philosophy is growing your own. You have absolute control over what goes into your food. Want to make sure there is no pesticides used? Don’t use them.

I want to post something weekly, starting tomorrow, that way there will be up to 52 weeks worth of growing material here per year.

Don’t have a garden? As long as you have a pot, a room with some light, you are able to grow something – herbs, or even a small chili pepper plant. My Mother-in-Law is a whiz with her plant and a paintbrush. Awesome!


Did you think I would stop the rants? Not when it comes to my passion – REAL FOOD. Look for more Fight Back Friday posts weekly.


I haven’t done any reviews in a while. My idea was to show you guys things I think will help you out in the kitchen. Things that a pro thinks is awesome to use. I would like to get back to doing a review once a week – cookbooks, or kitchen gadgets. If you have an idea for something for me to review, drop me a line at the Ask the Chef! page.

Ask the Chef!

Of course, every Monday will be Ask the Chef! If you have a question for me, shoot me a request from the Ask the Chef! page, and I’ll do my best to answer you.


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