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Internet Tasting Session – Sunday October 18th

October is a month where we can expect to see the harvest come to fruit. Autumn is here, and so come the cold days. Here are some recipes from abroad from the list of bounty that is not already on my site. Curl up with a good book, and help yourself to some of these helping that showcase the fare of October:


Baked Breakfast ApplesMacheesmo – All one can say is, OMG! The pictures are amazing, and it is lovely what one can do with some granola and apples.

Fall and Apple Cider – from Hungry Cravings – A great article about an important ingredient here this fall. The pictures are fabulous, and the description of how we get our apple cider is spot on. Now we just need to get cooking with that.

Apple, Apple, Applefrom COOK, a oui chef journal – A fantastic article on the varieties of apples in my area, with spectacular photos. I bookmarked this just for value alone.


Blueberry Sourdough PancakesMacheesmo – Nick has done it again. What a wonderful way to use some sourdough starter, and fresh blueberries will always do the trick.

Blueberry Cornmeal MuffinsHungry Cravings – I am always changing up the muffins on the continental buffet at work, and we used the recipe from that post. I can tell you that they were a hit!


Spicy Corn FrittersNo Recipes – Very nice corn fritters with an Indian flair. The ingredients are straight forward, and this recipe is worthy of the season’s last corn!

Hot Skillet Corn Bread with Honey ButterForking Delicious – While one may say that corn meal is kind of like cheating, in this case, the addition of fresh kernels right off the cob would blow the recipe right out of the water.


Grilled Pumpkin and Butternut Squash SoupMacheesmo – Okay, so his soup was not orange, but it still kicks ass! I would even consider putting it on the banquet menu. He is right as well, DON’T peel the pumpkin. It is easier to just grill it to get the flavor, then roast and scoop.

Turk’s Turban PumpkinsAppetite for China – Not a recipe, but some cool pics of weird pumpkins. I bet they taste really good too!

Spaghetti Squash with Cream Sauce – Macheesmo – This recipe is a perfect low-carb version of spaghetti. If you were to toss in some morel mushrooms, maybe some shiitake mushrooms, you would have a low-carb menu seller right there.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato GnocchiVanilla Garlic – Wow, what a great recipe. I need some time off so I can prepare these. The pictures are awesome, and just looking at the recipe… well, it just works.

Green Soup with Ginger101 Cookbooks – Okay, so it is not a recipe that features sweet potatoes, but it makes the cut because sweet potatoes are in there. What a wonderful soup!


BLT From Scratch WinnersRuhlman – He’s the man! The pictures here are f”in awesome, and I am so stealing the BLT canapé idea!

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