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Picture of The Day – 43/365 – Tomato Soup with Parmesan

a photo of me adding Parmesan to Ange's tomato soup

This is just the right touch

Want to know a secret trick to make your tomato soup pop?

I follow an excellent blog, Sassy Radish. A while back there was an excellent post about a simple tomato soup. I was so inspired, I made a huge pot of the soup that night.

When I was tasting it to adjust the seasoning, I used all of my tricks. Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, balsamic. The soup was just missing something for my tastes.

Then I remembered the Parmesan rinds I had in the freezer.

Anyone worth their salt who grinds their own Parmesan keeps the rinds for “later use.”

After the soup simmered with the cheese a little bit, my beloved expressed concerned over blending the soup with the cheese in it. Not to worry, the Parmesan added a perfect dimension to the soup.

I sent my Sister-in-Law home with 2 liters of the soup, and I would say it was a success.

Sometimes adding one touch will elevate what you are cooking.

What would you add to the Tomato Soup?

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