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You Tell Me – What Dud Gadgets Do You Have In Your Kitchen?

Fancy kitchen gadgets of sheffield

Ah, Kitchen Gadgets!

I have all sorts of kitchen gadgets. Some I use, some that collect dust. I wish that someone had warned me about purchasing the one-use gadgets. Like the popcorn maker, or the hot chocolate maker.

Some of my flop purchases were:

  • The Perfect Pancake
  • Movie Style Popcorn Popper
  • French Fry Cutter

Your Turn

I would love to know what you have in your kitchen. What’s lurking in your kitchen cupboards? Let me know in your comments below:

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  • Dianne Hache

    Too many to list and like you said collecting dust and needed space, we buy them use them once and even forget we have them So true

  • http://welldonechef.com Jason Sandeman

    You got it! So what’s in your cupboard?